I love you today.

Can i just begin with this….He loves me today.

For the last week or two, Phil has said sweetly to me “I love you today.”  I adore this.

I think it would be easy to think that tacking on the word ‘today’ is limiting for the statement as a whole….but not to me. After all, there truly is no guarantee of a tomorrow, and today really is all we have the capacity to live within.

Phil wrote me an email today and ended it with, “I love you today.” Reading it was like warm honey. It soothed my longing for him and swells of joy burst through me. What a comfort that he chooses me today. Our love is a choice, isn’t it? To love is to serve. To serve is a choice. I show Phil my love by serving him; finding out what pleases him and doing my best to choose in each moment to do the things that are pleasing to him.

If marriage is a shadow of God’s relationship with us, and I am to look to Phil as Jesus looks to The Father…..wouldn’t this mean that what Phil says of me, God says of me?

….”I love you today.”

Sometimes,  coming from an eternal God, His whispers of, “I love you,” fly in one ear and out the other for me. My very human mind cannot comprehend eternal…ageless…everlasting…unconditional love. The reality becomes blurred & hard to grasp.

However, my mind can wrap around today. And knowing He loves me today…just as I am….right here and now, fills me with such thankfulness and praise that I am spilling all over the place.

Thank you for your love….both of You.


This picture was taken about a week ago at Creekside Canyo Wyldlife camp while the kiddos were in cabin time after the sin talk.

They who dwell in the ends of the earth stand in awe of Thy signs;
Thou dost make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy. Psalm 65:8


Quick Scrap Yarn Ideas.

The last few yards on a skein hardly ever pass through my fingers. I have a pile of strung out scrap fibers that are beginning to drive me nuts!

Now I am without excuse. And so are YOU.

Styrofoam balls wrapped in scrap yarn reinforced with glue.

Votives & vases wrapped in yarn – using double stick tape! Phil and I save the glass jars from marinara sauce and they make for a great drinking glass or vase.

damask rose in exile.

My first attempt at felted baby booties. I plucked the freshly spun wool off of my shelf today with high hopes that this Damask Rose would be the signature color of my new line of felted baby booties. I pictured little 7-month-old Amillio and unborn baby Tess rockin’ their new kicks around our neighborhood this summer. Tess would, of course, be the proud wearer of my first pair in classic Damask Rose. Well…not anymore.

I’ve just unraveled 2 hours of work.  I want to throw up all over this color. Actually.

I’ve violently collected about 100 meters of the stupid pink yarn and smashed it into heap. Now, this repulsive mess scatters itself behind the wool section of my shelf of fibers…don’t expect to see damask rose anywhere soon.

As for the future of my felted booties …there is still hope, I think.

today’s forecast

Mostly cloudy. Patchy drizzle in the morning.

Portland’s weather has been strange. The sun splashes out for about an hour, and then gets sucked up above the purple clouds.

This brings me to today’s venture.Anthropologie’s braided headband. I stumbled in there a few months ago on a whim and laid eyes on this stunner. Today’s weather provoked my memory; perfect for that weather in between. I am without a pattern…so gonna to have to wing it. Wish me luck, friends!!

Email me for my version of this pattern, free! woolflax1@gmail.com