The Writer.

If we were face-to-face, and you were to ask me about myself…i’d probably begin by telling you about my relationships: my savior Jesus, my husband, my friends & my dog. It wouldn’t be long before I’d explain to you my passion for the crafts. I swell in and out of being inspired to paint, bead, sew and more. However, one craft that remains favorable to me is knitting. Thus… this little blog.

Explore with me the many fibers, colors, patterns and techniques of one of the world’s oldest hobbies!

Special Orders contact:

This is a picture of my husband Phil and I in Mexico May 2011.


3 thoughts on “The Writer.

  1. Gina, you are such a great writer! I am not into knitting but I love reading your stuff, you completely capture my attention and I can’t get enough! Girl, you have yet another talent and I think you should pursue it!

    Big Fan,

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